About us

Acreationss is a French Travel Company working in cooperation with Terres de Charme and is committed to providing the best planned, the best led and altogether the most fulfilling and enjoyable cultural tours available.

For over 15 years we have been an influential organization in the field of cultural travel in France and abroad, offering programmess for personalities and offering them an unequaled range of services and events aimed to make them shine through excellent organization and logistics.

We are pioneering and innovative, and in innumerable ways, large and small, we lift our clients’ experience far above standards which are regarded as normal for tourists.  


Expert speakers are a key ingredient in our tours and events. Academics, curators, writers, broadcasters and researchers, are selected not only for their knowledge but also for their ability to communicate clearly and engagingly to a lay audience.

Their brief is to enlighten and stimulate, not merely to inform – and they also have to be good traveling companions.

We select our lecturers through reputation, interview, and audition, and provide them with guidance and training.

Most of our tours are also accompanied by a trained tour manager who unobtrusively attends to administrative matters.


Original itineraries | rooted in knowledge of the destination and of the subject matter of the tour, the outcome of assiduous research and reconnaissance, and underpinned by twenty years of thought and experience, our itineraries are second to none. They are original and imaginative, well-paced and carefully balanced. Meticulous attention to practical matters ensures a smooth-running as well as an enriching experience.


Most of our tours run with between ten and twenty participants. We strictly limit numbers, specifying the applicable maximum in each tour description. The higher costs of smaller numbers are outweighed by the benefits of manoeuvrability, social cohesion and access to the lecturer. The small-group principle is diluted when there are private events or several speakers exclusively for our clients.

Not the least attractive aspect of traveling with us is that you are highly likely to find yourself in congenial company, self-selected by common interests and endorsement of the company’s ethos.




Acreations works in

cooperation with Terres de Charme in Paris

Emai: acreations@usa.com

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